Demo 2011

by Steady Hands

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released May 23, 2011

Recorded and engineered by Chris Galvez



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Steady Hands Rockford, Illinois

We are a post-hardcore band from Northern Illinois.


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Track Name: Judge And Jury DEMO
Back from hell, I thought I absolved my sins
I've done my time trying to be honest
But every time I turn around to speak they say:
"To be clear is wrong."
Grey is the shade of white I wear.
But I'm more transparent than ever.

Take these eyes I use them to judge you all
But closed, the sound is purely un-judgeable
The devil lies in the details of things we've all chosen to miss
God forbid a single mistake would ever go unnoticed.

Honesty is honestly a policy I can't keep.
The things I take, take back from me.
Karma's a filthy whore who lies in wait
while you lay down to sleep.

I stand alone in desolation.
All my fears and sorrows left me in isolation.
So I cry out; "I am nothing."
I look at myself, and I see nothing.
Nothing worth saving.

I know I've hurt the ones I love,
but I can do nothing. I can do nothing.
I would if I could, I would change the past.
But I can do nothing. I have no control.
As I survey the wreckage of things left to come.
I'm reminded that these things cannot be undone.
And I can see ever more clear
that nothing, nothing, nothing can save me.

No more hope.
I stand alone in desolation.
My fears have kept me in isolation.
And I can feel it deep down in my chest,
that there is no hope, there's no hope, there's no hope.
There's no more.
Track Name: Champion DEMO
A different number every day
The same habits in different ways
What will it take this time;
Some cash, a bill, a bribe, or a dime?

When substances take over your mind
It's hard to substitute the strengths that you'll find
When that warm, brown liquid enters your veins
Sneaks up your spine, straight into your brain

It started out so innocent
The first sip can be too much
But once you've been thrown out on your own
Where else do I turn to, where else do I go?

So can you tell me how to help my friend?
Can you get him his fix?
(I can't get him his fix)

These rocks we walk on are only as strong
as we let them be
But we all know our feet are as frail
as our sanity

Oh, Champion, where do you reside?
Hidden by walls, covered with lies
Oh, Champion, when will you return?
When hell freezes over, but likely:

So can you tell me how to help my friend?
Can you get him his fix?

So can you tell me what addiction is?
The crawling in your skin, the will to give in?
I've given up on everything.
But the chains around my arms are chains that set me free.