The Earth Will Eat Today

by Steady Hands

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The Earth Will Eat Today is a summation of the entire first year of our career.

It was written between February and September of 2011 and recorded between October and December of 2011.

Recorded, produced and engineered by Chris Galvez out of Red Cord Studios in Rockford, IL

Mixed and mastered by Joel Wanasek out of JTW studios in Hubertus, WI

Cover art photography by Pez Brige
Cover art edited by Carter Daniels

Special thanks to Jimmy Martinez for recording drums.


released December 25, 2011


Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts.



all rights reserved


Steady Hands Rockford, Illinois

We are a post-hardcore band from Northern Illinois.


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Track Name: Tried and True
Back from Hell
I thought I'd absolved my sins
I've done my time
Trying to be honest
But every time I turn around to speak they say
"To be clear is wrong"
Grey is the shade of white I wear
But I'm more transparent than ever

Take these eyes
I use them to judge you all
But closed the sound
Is purely unjudgable

The devil lies in the details
Of things we've all chosen to miss
God forbid a single mistake
Would ever go unnoticed

Honesty is honestly a policy I can't keep
The things I take, take back from me
Karma's a filthy whore who lies in wait while you lay down to sleep

I stand alone
In desolation
All my fears and sorrows
Left me in isolation

So I cry out, "I am nothing"
I look at myself, and I see nothing
Nothing worth saving

I know I've hurt the ones I love
But I can do nothing
I would if I could, I would change the past
But I can do nothing
I have no control

As I survey the wreckage of things yet to come
I'm reminded that these things cannot be undone
And I can see ever more clear that nothing
Nothing can save me

No more hope

I stand alone in desolation
My fears have kept me in isolation
And I can feel it, deep down in my gut
That there is no hope, there's no hope
There's no more
Track Name: Lone Wolf
I am the last of a dying breed
A single soul, the remaining seed
All my family has gone away
You left me here to fend for myself alone

“Oh how proud of you they must be”
Oh how proud, to leave me here alone
Empty as the day I was born
Empty as the day they put me back in the ground
I am the lone wolf in a pack of lions
I am the lone wolf in a pack of liars and thieves, cowards and cheats
So come deliver me

All my friends have failed me
And all my hope is gone
All my friends have failed me
It always turns out wrong

Not a single soul, in heaven or hell, above or on hard ground below
Knows the pain or sorrow that I now feel
Growing inside what’s left of my soul

You were never a friend to me

Oh how proud of me they must be
To watch as I stumble and fall
No one’s there to lend a helping hand
No one’s there to pull me back up to stand

All my friends have failed me
And all my hope is gone
All of you have failed me
This time I know, I won’t last long

I am still standing
But I have got here on my own
Track Name: Champion
A different number
Every day
The same habits in different ways

What will it take this time?
Some cash, a bill, a bribe, or a dime?

When substances take over your mind
It's hard to substitute the strength that you'll find
When that warm, brown, liquid enters your veins
Sneaks up your spine, straight into your brain

It started out so innocent
The first sip can be too much
But once you've been thrown, out on your own
Where else can I turn to, where else can I go?

So can you tell me how to help my friend?
Can you get him his fix?

So can you tell me how to help my friend?
Can you get him his fix?

These rocks we walk on
Are only as strong as we let them be
But we all know our feet are
As frail as his sanity

Oh champion, where do you reside?
Hidden by walls, covered with lies
Oh champion, when will you return?
When hell freezes over, but likely never

So can you tell me how to help my friend?
Can you get him his fix?

So can you tell me what addiction is?
Is it the crawling in your skin?
Is it the will to give in?
I've given up on everything
But the chains around my arms
Are chains that set me free
Track Name: Absent Without Leave
I’m sorry has never cut it since, since the day you chose to leave us
Because you couldn’t handle this
I feel like leaving too, forgetting all of this
But the images burned in my head will haunt eternally

I have seen the dead

They walk the earth with smiles on their faces
Thinking nothing of the time that they have all been wasting
Then I remember you full of hope and hatred
Loving only yourself ‘til you did yourself in

All the things I never said eat me alive because you never said goodbye
And all my mistakes, they keep me awake and wondering how I could have changed things

Sometimes I think back to that hopeless night and I am alone
Walk down that empty hallway to that cold apartment where your body lay
Lifeless and empty, as if some sort of thief
A body snatcher taking from me
I enter the room where you took your last breath, and I find the note folded on the bed
I know what’s coming but still I have to read
The last will and testament of the willingly deceased

“I took my life because I cared about you less
Than the pain inside my body, my soul my heart and head
And I’d ask for your forgiveness if I thought it could change my fate
But I’ll burn in hell for my sins and I don’t regret a thing”

And that was all you wrote
A short and painful note
I may remember different or embellish it too much
But time never heals a thing
The days all cloud my judgment
But the words scrawled on the paper
Could never say enough to fix what you did
You selfish low-life

No chariot
No saving grace
The seraphim have abandoned me
No chariot
No saving grace
No seraphim to come take me away
Track Name: Taps
Goodbye my friend
I hope you are well
I’m sorry our time has run out
There’s so many stories left to tell
About our battles, losses, and victories too
My tongue hurts with the words
I never said to you

You left us burning, yearning
And dying to know more
But you’ll take that with you too
I know it wasn’t your choice
This is unfortunate timing
It always is
This is unfortunate timing
And I can’t bear the thought of this

We put the dead man in the ground to keep him away
And now he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone for good
The earth will eat today

We put the dead man in the ground to keep him away
The shell of a man who walked the earth just the other day

We put the dead man in the ground to keep him away
Laid to rest his debts all his mistakes
His warmth and memories

We put the dead man in the ground to keep him away
But I still see his face

It seems the older I get the more that I lose my friends
Sent them to walk their own path and off they went
I hate myself for my mistakes, the words of hate
They were only mine to hear
So this is how I remember a friend held once so dear